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TBR Thursday – Upcoming TBR

I would do #ThrowbackThursday, but my blog is too new to throw back to anything, so I thought I’d write up my list of books to be read in the next month or so. Truthfully though, I’m the biggest mood reader on earth so whether I’ll actually follow my upcoming TBR is a mystery, even to me. 😂

  1. All Good People Here by Ashley Flowers. OK, so I’m a huge Crime Junkie fan (and fan of true crime podcasts in general). I’m looking forward to reading Flowers’ debut novel about a journalist who becomes obsessed with solving the murder of her childhood neighbor.
  2. The Last Housewife by Ashley Winstead. Next up is another thriller by another Ashley! This one snuck up on me because I didn’t know Winstead had another book coming out this year, but I loved reading In My Dreams I Hold a Knife so I’m definitely checking out her latest thriller.
  3. The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black. I’m on the second book in the series now, The Wicked King, and I’m enjoying it a lot. I’ll definitely read the third installment, but I’ll probably take some time in between to read other things.
  4. Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism by Amanda Montell. I think this will be my next nonfiction pick. I’ve always been interested in cults and how cult leaders gain their following so I’m excited for this one.
  5. The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. This one has kind of fallen on and off my TBR list for a while now. I’ve heard so many good things about it, but I’m also not sure the subject matter is something I’m interested in. I’ve decided to finally give it a go though!
  6. Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson. This one is much like the prior for me. I’ve heard good things, but I’ve only recently decided to give it a try. I definitely need a good fall mystery in my life.
  7. Lapvona by Ottessa Moshfegh. Ah, this one is… well, this one has been teetering on my TBR. I was so excited to read it because I thought the cover art was so cool, but now I’ve seen several reviews in a row saying that it’s just plain disgusting and pointless, which is not something I’m into! I’ll probably still give it a try this month, but I’m prepared to DNF if need be.
  8. Daisy Darker by Alice Feeney. I’ve not read any of Feeney’s work before, but I’ve heard good things. I’m not sure if I’ll start with this one or Rock, Paper, Scissors; but one of Feeney’s books is definitely coming up on my to read list shortly.
  9. The Spanish Love Deception by Elena Armas. I’ve heard this book is either amazing or boring, depending on the reader. I’ve not read a good romance in a couple months now so maybe I’ll shake the spooky vibes with this one later in the month.
  10. I’m the Girl by Courtney Summers. This book is billed as a queer thriller and while it does have mixed reviews, I’m still interested. The premise is a high schooler stumbles upon the body of a 13-year-old girl and launches an investigation of her own alongside the deceased’s older sister.

Question of the Day: Have you read any of the books on my upcoming TBR list? What did you think of them?


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