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Stacking the Shelves – Oct 8

Happy Saturday, reading friends! 💜 Stacking The Shelves is a weekly prompt hosted by Marlene of Reading Reality where we share the books we’re adding to our shelves, whether they’re physical or virtual. I heavily utilize my local library, so the books I showcase here may be either newly borrowed or newly owned. 😊

This week I’ve added 6 books to my shelves. Three of them I bought digitally and three of them I’ve borrowed from the library. The newest ones had long wait times at the library, so I typically just buy them when that happens, especially if I really really want to read them.

  1. Lapvona. This is the only one on the list that I’m currently reading. It’s on my spooky reads list for the month, and I just love the cover of this. I’m too early in to comment on whether I’m enjoying it or not, but it’s my first read by Ottessa Moshfegh so I’m hoping to discover a new author to love!
  2. All Good People Here. This is perhaps my most anticipated read on the list. I’ve been listening to Crime Junkie for years and I’m excited to read Ashley Flowers’ take on a thriller. I bought this one as an audiobook.
  3. The Spanish Love Deception. This is a total peer pressure read. So many of the people in my bookish social circles talk about this book and I’ve actually heard pretty mixed reviews. I know it’s a slow burn romance, which isn’t always my cup of tea so we’ll see how it goes!
  4. The Inheritance Games. This is also kind of a peer pressure read. I just know a lot of people who love this series and I want to find a new series to read after The Folk of the Air. I’m very unsure if I’m even into the concept of this one so I’ve been kind of bumping it down my TBR for a while now.
  5. The Last Housewife. I really enjoyed In My Dreams I Hold a Knife earlier this year so I’ve got to read the new thriller by the same author. I’m very interested in the concept of this one because cults have always been interesting/creepy to me. I’m planning to buddy read this one with the same friend I read In My Dreams with.
  6. Clown in a Cornfield 2. I buddy read the first book in this series earlier in the year with a different friend and we both thought it was pretty good campy fun. I’m interested in seeing where the second book takes this series and it feels like a perfect read for Halloween!

Have you read any of the books that are new to my shelves? If so, what did you think and if not are you interested in reading any of them?

Have a great weekend! I’ll see you in your blogs. ❤


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