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Top Ten Tuesday || Books I Read on Vacation

Happy Tuesday, readers! Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, and features a different top 10 theme each week. This week’s topic is Books I’ve Read on Vacation. I’ll be totally honest, I’m not a vacation reader. I mean, I definitely bring my Kindle or a few books with me, but I spend most of my time exploring the place I’m visiting and looking for bookstores so I can buy even more books on my holiday. I also can’t read while on any form of transportation without getting motion sickness, unfortunately. 😅

That being said, I do remember reading a lot on vacations as a kid because I had no responsibility over our vacation agenda. So here are 5 books I remember reading on vacations as a kid.

  1. Twilight – Yep, I read this one while staying in a cabin the fall of 2006 when it was released. I was at the perfect age for it and very obsessed from the start!
  2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower – I actually read this one while on a competition trip with my cheerleading team. I can’t even remember where we went, actually. I quit cheerleading soon after for unrelated reasons, lol.
  3. Bad Dreams– I loved R.L. Stine as a kid and I would always take a handful of Goosebumps or Fear Street books with me on family trips. I read this one while camping and I was under the covers with a flashlight finishing it while everyone else was asleep.
  4. On The Road – Fittingly, I read On The Road while on a road trip. I believe I mostly read it while in a hotel somewhere random- maybe Utah or Missouri?
  5. Dreamland – The only book ever remember reading on an actual beach! My family was visiting Myrtle Beach. Sarah Dessen was another author of my youth. I totally ate her books up, but I must say this one is not really a beach vibe.

Also, here are 5 books that I think would make great vacation reads now. If I ever get around to taking some time away from work, I’ll drag them along!

  1. Beach Read– I mean this one would have to be perfect, right? I haven’t read Henry’s books outside of Book Lovers, which I actually still haven’t even finished. I love the way she writes characters and dialogue in that book though, so I’m assuming I’d enjoy this one too.
  2. Boyfriend Material– I adore Alexis Hall. His characters are so sarcastic, fun, and relatable. I’d definitely reread this one on a trip.
  3. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder– I haven’t read this one yet and a fun YA thriller has to make it onto the vacation reads list.
  4. How to Sell a Haunted House– I’ve never read a horror book on a trip before outside of my childhood R.L. Stine books, but I can imagine some scenarios where this would be a fun idea!
  5. Circe– I love getting lost in a good fantasy book and The Song of Achilles by Miller was one of my favorite reads this year (so far). I think this could be a good vacation read.

Have you ever read any of the books on my vacation reads list? Are any of them on your TBR?


27 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday || Books I Read on Vacation

  1. I’m the same way now. I used to read a ton on vacation as a kid but not so much as an adult, but I will find all the bookstores! 🙂

    Circe is one I definitely want to read.

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  2. Oh wow, I’d completely forgotten that I also read Twilight while on vacation! Although I was an adult at the time, so I suppose I should feel embarrassed to admit that??? I read it straight through, and still had another two days before heading home (where I could get to a bookstore and buy #2), so I just read it through again from the beginning right away. So funny to think back on…

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