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Top Ten Tuesday || Favorite ‘Aww’ Book Moments

Happy Tuesday, readers! Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl, and features a different top 10 theme each week. This week’s topic is Favorite “Aww” Moments In Books. Consider me challenged on this one! The books I read typically lean toward the dark side and when I read this topic my face went… 😳

But I’m a trooper! So let’s try to think of some ‘aww’ moments. I think for this one I don’t have specific examples, but I can think of scenarios or tropes that happen in books and make me feel warm and fuzzy. 💖🤗

Let’s jump in!

  1. Outcast realizes they’re not alone. I love when a character is an outcast or an underdog in some way and they get an unexpected ally. That moment when they realize someone is on their side is so AWW.
  2. Supportive found family. When a character doesn’t have family, but they go on an adventure and find a new family along the way that’s better than their blood family was anyway.
  3. Confidence/Power. When a character who doesn’t believe in themself finds courage/confidence and realizes that they’re powerful now. It happens a lot in fantasy books.
  4. Grumpy x Sunshine. I love the grumpy x sunshine trope when the grumpy character finally admits that they love the sunshine character. 🤣
  5. The Pet Sidekick. I see this a lot in cozy mysteries, but I love the pet sidekick who helps the main character sleuth the case!
  6. Commitment-phobe commits. I love when they the person who is terrified of commitment realizes they’re in too deep and finally admits that they’re already committed lol.
  7. The Wallflower. I absolutely love wallflower type characters. The ones who kind of just sit back observing. They’re quiet, but when they do talk it’s some sort of profound observation that only the would notice and it’s super cute and endearing.
  8. The unattainable becomes attainable. I like books with this trope where two characters are interested in each other but come from totally different social classes or situations. When the ‘inferior’ character realizes that the ‘superior’ character has chosen them out of everyone that’s definitely an Aww moment.
  9. Character comes to terms with who they are. This happens a lot in literary fiction or coming-of-age books. I love when the main character starts to accept themselves for who they are, especially if it’s related to sexuality because that journey is so difficult. The first happy moment they just being comfortable in their own skin is AWWWW.
  10. Reluctant hero becomes heroic. This is such a played out trope, but it still gives me good feels. I love when the protagonist wants nothing to do with being the protagonist, but is forced into the situation due to some type of conflict and ends up becoming an epic hero.

Do we share any common ‘Awww’ book moments? Be sure to share your post in the comments too if you have one!


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