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Goodreads Monday – Oct 31

Happy Halloween, readers! Taken over from Lauren’s Page Turners, Budget Tales Book Blog is now hosting Goodreads Monday.  It’s a chance to share what’s on your Goodreads “TBR” list and progress on your current reads.

Firstly, if you have a Goodreads account, let’s be friends! I’m also bookbabenails there. 😊

I finished my first ARC from NetGalley over the weekend. I’m planning to wait to post my reviews until next week because it will be closer to the release date of the book. But I’m ready to start requesting more books so I’m excited!

I made decent progress on The Last Housewife last night because I was having trouble sleeping. It’s good so far, but definitely warrants all of those trigger warnings at the beginning of the book! I’m at the 30% mark and the book is starting to pick up more. I’m invested in finding out what happened!

The Family Game is next up on my TBR, but I own it now so it may get pushed back if I feel like I’ve gotten my fill of the thriller/horror genre from all of my October reads. I’m feeling more of a romance/holiday mood coming on and this book doesn’t sound so cozy!

Just received Dark Room Etiquette today. Not sure when I’ll actually read it because it’s nearly 500 pages and undoubtedly heartwrenching if I know Robin Roe at all. Roe’s book A List of Cages still stands as one of my favorite books in the young adult genre in the past decade. I felt so connected to the characters and I’m hoping to have the same experience with this book.

⁉️ Have you read any of my new current reads? If not, do any of them pique your interest?


3 thoughts on “Goodreads Monday – Oct 31

  1. “The Family Game” definitely has an eye-catching cover! I finished up a few books this past week, but none were TBR titles, unfortunately. I’d meant to do something Halloween related but did more reading in observance of October being Mental Health Awareness month.


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